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Types of Research Sources

Are you doing research? Check this blog out to learn about the different sources of evidence you will come across.


The two major types of sources: primary and secondary.

When you do research, you probably use various sources to gather your information. Your sources could be categorized as either primary, secondary, or tertiary. Categorizing your sources will help evaluate whether your sources are credible, relevant, or even appropriate.

| Primary Sources

Primary sources include original and raw information. It is information that comes directly from the original author and is not interpreted, summarized, or adapted by another author.

Some examples of primary sources include:

  • Empirical studies

  • Letters and diaries

  • Court records

  • Interview transcripts

  • Statistical Data

| Secondary Sources

Secondary sources include information interpreted, summarized, or adapted from original research. These sources act as tools to access primary sources by describing or explaining primary sources.

Some examples of secondary sources include:

  • Literature Review

  • Biography

  • Documentaries

  • Blog posts

  • News Articles


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